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Scotch Whisky: The Essential Guide for Single Malt Lovers
Tom Bruce-Gardyne
Condition: New
£11.99   £5.99

A pocket-sized visual guide to everything about Scotch whisky, from the distilling process to drinking, including maps.

Super Secret Restaurant Collection Top Secret Recipes
Todd Wilbur
Condition: Used, Like New

How to Mix Drinks or the Bon Vivant's Companion: The Bartender's Guide
Jerry Thomas
Condition: New
£7.99   £4.99

Cocktail recipes

Tea and Infusions
Jane Pettigrew
Condition: New
£9.99   £3.99

Some people are adamant that the perfect cup of tea is Earl Grey sipped from a bone china cup; others say it should be Darjeeling, carefully brewed in an elegant porcelain pot; while many still favour a traditional “cuppa” served with milk and two sugars. You can sip it hot; or drink it ice cold ...

Well Nourished: Mindful Practices to Heal Your Relationship with Food, Feed Your Whole Self, and End Overeating
Andrea Lieberstein
Condition: New
£12.99   £8.99

Well-Nourished shows how to develop a mindful relationship to food and craft a well-nourished life with step-by-step examples, tools, and mindful practices that can be individualized to your unique needs.

Sticky Fingers, Green Thumb: Baked sweets that taste of nature
Hayley McKee
Condition: New
£18.99   £7.99

50 inventive ways to incorporate vegetables, herbs and edible flowers in your baking

Super-Quick Muffin Tin Meals: 70 Recipes for Perfectly Portioned Comfort Food in a Cup
Melanie LaDue
Condition: New
£12.99   £4.99

100 step-by-step recipes for perfectly portioned comfort-food meals baked in muffin tins.

Cosmopolitan Orgasm
Lisa Sussman
Condition: New

Orgasm: Truly Explosive Tips is a practical, humorous, frank and sophisticated book for the sensuous woman who demands her share of pleasure in bed, enjoys taking control of her own body, alone or with a partner, and wants to develop a full repertoire of guaranteed orgasm techniques. It's packed full ...

Happy Vegan Food: Fast, Fresh, Simple Vegan
Bettina Campolucci Bordi
Condition: New
£15.00   £7.99

Gorgeous vegan recipes to make your eyes and your taste buds sing with joy

Great, Grand & Famous Champagnes: Behind the Bubbles
Fritz Gubler
Condition: Used, Very Good

Enter a world of champagne that is as complex and enticing as the flavours and aromas found within each bottle! In Great, Grand & Famous Champagnes you will discover the fascinating history of the champagne region, the stories behind many of the great champagne producers and the science behind the creation ...

The ultimate party book For Children: All You Need to Make Your Kids Party a Hit
Samuel Rice, Cissy Azar
Condition: Used, Very Good
£14.99   £6.99

A child's birthday is the highlight of the year in any family and planning a themed party is easy with this guide packed full of ideas. The Ultimate Party Book for Kids takes you stepby-step through the process of planning and surviving your child's party, while delivering a fun, stress-free and memorable ...

Drink Like a Local London: A Field Guide to London's Best Bars
Felipe Schrieberg
Condition: New
£10.99   £3.99

Discover the hidden gems that embody the spirit of London with this go-to guide to the best signature cocktails in town.

The Easy Keto Cooking Cookbook: Embrace the Keto Lifestyle with Over 100 Satisfying and Delicious Recipes
Cider Mill Press
Condition: New
£12.99   £4.99

Embrace the keto lifestyle with over 100 effective and delicious recipes designed to improve your health.

Be More Vegan: The young person's guide to a plant-based lifestyle
Niki Webster
Condition: New
£14.99   £6.45

The complete guide to the plant-based revolution for young people, featuring facts, tips and deliciously simple recipes.

From Junk Food to Joy Food: All the Foods You Love to Eat......Only Better
Joy Bauer
Condition: Used, Like New
£13.99   £6.99

From Junk Food to Joy Food provides an innovative solution to eating the most popular comfort foods, such as Buffalo Wings, Strawberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, and still feeling light, alive and healthy instead of bloated, heavy and lethargic.Nutrition expert Joy Bauer lays out the secrets ...

Gifts from the Modern Larder: Homemade Presents to Make and Give
Rachel De Thample
Condition: New
£16.99   £6.99

Spend some mindful moments in your kitchen turning nature's bounty into decadent treats for your family and friends.

Instantly French!: Classic French Recipes for Your Electric Pressure Cooker
Ann Mah
Condition: Used, Good

Use an electric pressure cooker to enjoy all the flavour and richness of classic French cuisine in a fraction of the time.

Kingston and the Echoes of Magic
Rucker Moses, Theo Gangi
Condition: Used, Like New
£30.00   £7.99

Learn to cook one thing exceptionally well and you open the door to a multitude of possibilities, with no need for special equipment or fussy techniques. That’s the premise of this book.

Ned Baldwin, a home cook who taught himself to be an excellent chef, sees no reason why anyone else can’t do ...

Party in Your Plants: 100+ Plant-Based Recipes and Problem-Solving Strategies to Help You Eat Healthier (Without Hating Your Life)
Talia Pollock
Condition: Used, Like New

From the hilarious writer and plant-based chef behind Party in My Plants, learn to love eating clean.

You've bookmarked more recipes than you could make in a lifetime. Your shelves are overflowing with cookbooks. Your pantry has some superfoods, but they've become super stale and super dusty. In short, ...

The Crown Maple Guide to Maple Syrup: How to Tap and Cook with Nature's Original Sweetener
Robb Turner
Condition: New
£19.99   £13.99

The essential guide to maple syrup, complete with the history, science and recipes for this wild American ingredient

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