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Bad Sex!
Danny Shanahan
Condition: New
£6.95   £2.20

Let's face it, at one time or another we've all had bad sex. But now New Yorker cartoonist Danny Shanahan (author of Innocent, Your Honor and I'm No Quack) reminds us, through a collection of witty and sinful drawings, that bad sex is definitely better than no sex. Shanahan's playful world of naughty ...

The EFG Bumper Book of QI Annuals
John Lloyd, John Mitchinson
Condition: New
£12.99   £4.99

Collected by the writers of the BBC show, QI, and authors of the worldwide bestsellers The Book of General Ignorance and 1,227 QI Facts To Blow Your Socks Off, here is a hilarious and informative selection of the QI team's fun facts.

A Twitter Year: 365 Days in 140 Characters
Kate Bussmann
Condition: New

The first of its kind, A Twitter Year distills a year of conversation, argument, revelation and revolution into a 'review of the year' as written by the Twitter community

BadFads. Mark Long
Condition: New
£6.99   £2.99

The Lucky Bugger's Casebook: Tales of Serendipity and Outrageous Good Fortune
Daniel Smith
Condition: New
£7.99   £2.99

Tells us the stories of inventors, Nobel Prize winners, scientists, actresses, escapees, engineers, kings, architects, pop stars, criminals, supermodels, tennis champions, opera singers and many more who have benefited from happy serendipity. This title celebrates the type of unexpected good fortune we all dream of.

52 Series: Tokens of Affection, revised
Lynn Gordon
Condition: New
£4.98   £1.99

A romantic deck, featuring text and seven activities.

Rotisserie Chicken
Jessica Hagy
Condition: New
£6.99   £1.99

Features simple artwork drawn on index cards.

I Am America (and So Can You!)
Golbert, S
Condition: New
£11.99   £3.99

Stephen Colbert wasThe Daily Show's longest-running and most diverse correspondent. His personality, insight and general rightness led toThe Colbert Report, a half-hour TV platform for his views on the issues of the day and, more importantly, why everyone else's views are just plain wrong. InI Am America ...

Kitchen Table Lingo
The English Project
Condition: New
£7.95   £2.99

This collection of hundreds of words from English speakers around the world - complete with space and an invitation to add your own - is a wonderfully entertaining celebration of the spoken word and the people who take pleasure in it.After all, what other language has fifty-seven words for the TV remote control?

The 100 Words That Make The English
Tony Thorne
Condition: New

* A wonderfully informative and entertaining guide to our national language, out now in paperback

Vital Statistics: Everything a Man Needs to Know
Chris Wood
Condition: New

Be the font of all knowledge with this miscellany for the `loaded' generation. Test your knowledge of pubs on telly, boxing weight divisions and of course football club statistics. With everything from a glossary of Japanese Sex Industry terms to the Schmidt Sting Pain Index, this is the ultimate companion for the modern man.

Cry For Help: 36 Scam- Emails from Africa
Henning Wagenbreth
Condition: New
£17.99   £2.99

The tone is carefully chosen: subservient, condescending, solicitous, disdainful. That's the way the now ubiquitous 'African Scam Mail' has descended upon us and that's the way German illustrator and author Henning Wagenbreth applies his own distinct style and wit to depict them. Using just a few bright ...

Pets of the Great Dictators & Other Works
Sabrina P. Ramet
Condition: New

Dictators' pets are too often ignored, but no longer. They're all here in this hilarious collection of madcap ditties. The volume also includes a Holy Roman Opera, "Turmoil in Brindisi" about a long-forgotten ecumenical council called by Pope Sixtus the Sixth, an equally forgotten pope, and philosophers' ...

A Woman Needs a Man Like a Cat Needs a Bicycle
Daisy Hay
Condition: New

Women are complex creatures; men are beasts. Daisy Hay reminds us of 100 reasons why men are living proof that women can take a joke. And if men really are from Mars, why don't we have the technology to send them back?

Millions of Women are Waiting to Meet You: A Story of Life, Love and Internet Dating
Sean Thomas
Condition: New
£10.99   £2.99

Sean Thomas was single, thirty-seven and, by his own admission, just 'a tiny bit desperate' to meet the woman of his dreams, when he was asked by the editor of "Men's Health" to try Internet dating.

Groovy Old Men: A Spotter's Guide
Nick Baker
Condition: New
£12.99   £3.99

Groovy old men still move with the times. They were also present at the birth of youth culture in the 50s. A humorous, entertaining and occasionally provocative commentary on older male life in the noughties, this book invents then dissects the Groovy Old Men phenomenon, and peers into the glamorous world of Groovy Old Men of the future.

The Brain-Dead Megaphone
George Saunders
Condition: New
£10.99   £3.99

Shows that the real world is brimming with wonderful, marvellous strangeness, whether it be in the surreal opulence of Dubai, the mind-bending self-denial of the Buddha Boy of Nepal, or even the seemingly mundane transactions of everyday American life.

Get Well
Poppy Bell
Condition: New

A cosy duvet and a hot drink, a supportive friend and a stack of old films - when we're out of sorts, these are the things that help us get well. This title presents the pick-me-up for a friend or loved one who's feeling under the weather.

Happy Birthday
Poppy Bell
Condition: New

Presents a way to celebrate a friend or loved one's birthday.

You Know You're Getting Old When...
Ben Fraser
Condition: New

You know you're getting old when...

... you stop seeing the speed limit as a challenge.

... you have a party and the neighbours don't even realise it.

If this sounds all too familiar, this handy guide will help determine whether you're creaking gently into your autumn years or can still kick it with the kids!

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