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Philosophy Hacks
Martin Cohen, Robert Arp
Condition: New
£14.99   £8.99

100 ingenious hacks to make even the most complex philosophical theories easy to understand.

Inquiry into the Original of Our Ideas of Beauty & Virtue
Francis Hutcheson, Wolfgang Leihold
Condition: New
£17.99   £9.99

This work contains two treatises: concerning beauty, order, harmony, design, and concerning moral good and evil. There is no part of philosophy of more importance than a just knowledge of human nature and its various powers and dispositions. The author presents these papers as an inquiry into the various ...

The Gendered Motorcycle: Representations in Society, Media and Popular Culture
Esperanza Miyake
Condition: New
£84.49   £8.99

What happens to gender at 120mph? Are Harley-Davidsons more masculine than Yamahas? The Gendered Motorcycle answers such questions through a critical examination of motorcycles in film, advertising and television. Whilst bikers and biker cultures have been explored previously, the motorcycle itself has ...

Mathematics, Ideas and the Physical Real
Albert Lautman
Condition: New
£97.89   £12.95

Albert Lautman (1908-1944) was a French philosopher of mathematics whose work played a crucial role in the history of contemporary French philosophy. This title collects the work of Lautman. It offers readers an insight into his influence on the development of mathematics and philosophy.

Plural Maghreb: Writings on Postcolonialism
Abdelkebir Khatibi
Condition: New
£29.99   £5.99

Abdelkebir Khatibi (1938-2009) was among the most renowned North African literary critics and authors of the past century whose unique treatments of subjects as vast as orientalism, otherness, coloniality, aesthetics, linguistics, sexuality, and the nature of contemporary critique have inspired major ...

Surpassing Modernity: Ambivalence in Art, Politics and Society
Andrew McNamara
Condition: New
£24.99   £6.99

For the past thirty to forty years, cultural analysis has focused on developing terms to explain the surpassing of modernity. Discussion is stranded in an impasse between those who view the term modernity with automatic disdain-as deterministic, Eurocentric or imperialistic-and a booming interest that ...

Mathematics of the Transcendental
Alain Badiou
Condition: New
£40.00   £7.99

In Mathematics of the Transcendental, Alain Badiou painstakingly works through the pertinent aspects of category theory, demonstrating their internal logic and veracity, their derivation and distinction from set theory, and the 'thinking of being'. In doing so he sets out the basic onto-logical requirements ...

This Book Will Make You Think: Philosophical Quotes and What They Mean
Alain Stephen
Condition: New
£6.99   £2.99

This Book Will Make You Think: Philosophical Quotes and What They Mean explains as simply as possible the ideas behind the world's most highly regarded philosophers.

The Many Futures of a Decision
Associate Professor Jay Lampert
Condition: New
£26.99   £6.99

Combining two a central topics in philosophy in the 20th Century, this book considers the ethics and impact of decision-making alongside the philosophy of time.

When we make simple decisions, like the decision to wake up at 8 a.m. tomorrow, we make use of a linear model of the future. But when we make ...

A Critical Introduction to the Epistemology of Memory
Thomas D. Senor
Condition: New
£25.99   £5.99

In this clear and up-to-date introduction, Thomas D. Senor lays the philosophical foundation needed to understand the justification of memory belief. This book explores traditional accounts of the justification of memory belief and examines the resources that prominent positions in contemporary epistemology ...

Mill: A Guide for the Perplexed
Dr Sujith Kumar
Condition: New
£23.99   £5.99

John Stuart Mill is best known for his moral and political writings, and is a central figure in political philosophy. This book offers an account of Mill's thought, his major works, and the common ideas that permeate them. It introduces the key concepts and themes in Mill's social, political and moral thought.

On Solitude, Conscience, Love and Our Inner and Outer Lives
Ron Haflidson
Condition: New
£21.99   £6.99

Ron Haflidson places the theology of Augustine in conversation with contemporary authors, who warn of the dangers of abandoning solitude for constant (often technological) connection. Haflidson addresses an essential question that has previously been neglected: What difference does it make to the practice ...

The Green Light: A Self-Critique of the Ecological Movement
Bernard Charbonneau
Condition: New
£28.99   £6.99

The Green Light ('Le Feu Vert') offers an original and profound exploration of the roots of environmental philosophy and the Anthropocene. Bernard Charbonneau situates the wellspring of the ecological movement in the dialectics of Nature and Freedom, and their needful but uneasy joining against the totalizing ...

Baumgarten's Elements of First Practical Philosophy: A Critical Translation with Kant's Reflections on Moral Philosophy
Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten, Immanuel Kant
Condition: New
£85.00   £24.99

This book presents the first English translation of Alexander Baumgarten's Initia Philosophiae Practicae Primae, the textbook Kant used in his lectures on moral philosophy.

Originally published in Latin in 1760, the Initia contains a systematic, but original version of the universal practical philosophy ...

The Uses of Pessimism
Roger Scruton
Condition: New
£10.99   £4.99

In this provocative and passionately argued book, Roger Scruton proposes that the greatest harm and havoc has been wrought on the world by those who have presented themselves as optimists and idealists, whether of the left or of the right. Rejecting such ideals, we should instead seek to replace such irrational - and pernicious - exuberance with a humane pessimism.

Solitude: Memories, People, Places
Terry Waite
Condition: New
£16.99   £9.45

Terry Waite invites you to meet some of the exceptional people he has got to know on his travels, and explore with him the widely different forms of solitary existence they inhabit.

On Political Means and Social Ends
Ted Honderich
Condition: New
£45.00   £39.99

The moral and political arguments, judgements and commitments of Britain's outstanding radical philosopher.

Language and Hegemony in Gramsci
Peter Ives
Condition: New
£22.99   £10.99

This book demonstrates the continued political and theoretical relevance of Gramsci’s writing on language.

Making Sense: Conversations on Consciousness, Morality and the Future of Humanity
Sam Harris
Condition: New
£20.00   £14.99

"Civilization rests on a series of successful conversations." Sam HarrisNeuroscientist, philosopher, podcaster and bestselling author Sam Harris, has been exploring some of the greatest questions concerning the human mind, society, and the events that shape our world.Harris's search for deeper understanding ...

The Mobile Philosopher: Logic and Monsters: Switch off your phone, turn on your brain
Will Bynoe
Condition: New
£6.99   £2.75

With a light touch, Logic and Monsters distils complex philosophical thought from the ancient world to the present day into a collection of fascinating arguments on unicorns, sugar lumps, perforated socks and other puzzling objects.

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