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My Tiny Indoor Garden: Houseplant heroes and terrific terrariums in small spaces
Lia Leendertz, Mark Diacono
Condition: New
£14.99   £5.99

Not everyone has access to outside space or what we traditionally think of as a garden, but we all have window ledges, shelves, stairways and unloved spots in our homes. My Tiny Indoor Garden is bursting with exciting ideas and savvy solutions to help you transform any indoor nook or cranny into a peaceful plant paradise.

How to Grow Food: A Wartime Guide
Doreen Wallace
Condition: New
£7.99   £4.99

Facsimile of a wartime book on growing your own vegetables, written by a popular novelist of the time.

At West Dean: The Creation of an Exemplary Garden
Jim Buckland, Sarah Wain
Condition: New
£40.00   £8.99

At West Dean is the story of how Sarah Wain and Jim Buckland brought back to life a neglected garden in Sussex and is a celebration of the gardening excellence they have established there.

Gardening Complete: How to Best Grow Vegetables, Flowers, and Other Outdoor Plants
Editors of Cool Springs Press
Condition: New
£19.99   £4.99

The most up-to-date and complete guide to gardening for homeowners..

PVC and Pipe Engineer: Put Together Cool, Easy, Maker-Friendly Stuff
Mr. Jordan Bunker
Condition: New
£14.99   £6.99

Build a bunkbed in the morning and a super soaker in the afternoon, with PVC and Pipe Engineer. Make a chandelier, a wine rack, a bike trailer and more.

Countertop Gardens: Easily Grow Kitchen Edibles Indoors for Year-Round Enjoyment
Shelley Levis
Condition: New
£17.99   £7.45

Upcycling Outdoors: 20 Creative Garden Projects Made from Reclaimed Materials
Max McMurdo
Condition: New
£20.00   £4.99

In Upcycling Outdoors, Max McMurdo teaches you how to discover your inner design genius, where to find great scrap items, and techniques on how to transform them into great design for your garden and outdoor spaces.

RHS Get Growing: A Family Guide to Gardening Inside and Out
Holly Farrell
Condition: New
£14.99   £6.99

Put the fun into gardening with this beautifully illustrated guide to growing plants indoors and out. Combines beautiful design with great facts and practical projects, explains how plants work, describes the building blocks of gardening, and shows how to grow everything from cacti to cucumbers.

Houseplant Party: Fun projects & growing tips for epic indoor plants
Lisa Eldred Steinkopf
Condition: New
£14.99   £6.99

Grow some of the world's most unique and beautiful houseplants with this one-of-a-kind guide. Plus, find DIY projects for using houseplants to kick up your decorating skills! Houseplants make epic house guests—they don’t talk back, they’re 100% no drama, they’re exceptional listeners, and they ...

Homegrown Herb Garden: A Guide to Growing and Culinary Uses
Lisa Baker Morgan
Condition: New
£15.99   £5.99

Fresh and Flavorful Herbs is packed with recipes and techniques to help home chefs learn to grow and learn about herbs right in their own kitchen.

Reader's Digest DIY Manual: With Trade Secrets, Practical Money-Saving Fixes and Project Management
Jo Bourne
Condition: Used, Very Good
£19.99   £9.99

Find the answers to all your DIY questions in this amazingly successful, bestselling volume. "The Reader's Digest DIY Manual" is a byword amongst amateurs and professionals alike for reliable advice and clear instructions on every aspect of home and garden maintenance and improvement. With growing numbers ...

The Little Book of Allotment Tips
William Fortt
Condition: New
£4.99   £1.99

The Little Book of Allotment Tips is full of useful advice for all interested in allotment growing. Learn how to diversify and rotate what your grow, which essential tools you need and suggestions for harvesting rainwater. From finding the perfect plot of land to put every last bit of available space ...

Wise Words and Country House Ways
Ruth Binney
Condition: New
£9.99   £3.99

This guide to the world of Downton Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs, reveals the habits of the great and the good of the Edwardian era and the duties of the servants that made it all possible. All the tips and tricks of Edwardian housekeeping are revealed from growing prize blooms and vegetables in the garden to preparing cuisine in the kitchen.

A Dog-Lover's Miscellany
Mike Darton
Condition: New
£7.99   £3.99

An irresistible pot-pourri of canine facts, embracing the essential, the trivial, the intriguing, and the extraordinary. The perfect kennel-top or coffee-table book to paw through at random.

London Medium Porcelain Tray
Sarah McMenemy
Condition: New

The London Medium Porcelain Tray from Galison features a charming illustration of London's landmarks. This tray is a perfect spot to leave keys, jewelry, and other trinkets.
- Size: 6.5 x 5"
- Gold trimmed on the Tray
- Gift box included

Nanny Families: Practices of Care by Nannies, Au Pairs, Parents and Children in Sweden
Sara Elden, Terese Anving
Condition: New

Using Sweden as a case study, this book combines theories of family practices, care and childhood studies with the personal perspectives of nannies, au pairs, parents and children to provide new understandings of what constitutes care in nanny families.

Jenny MacKendrick
Condition: New

Cats are individual, totally inscrutable and completely lovable. And they love us back - when they feel like it. Anyone who has known the friendship of a cat, this book is for you.

Childcare Choices and Costs: A Practical Guide to Employment and Tax Issues

Garden Archaeology: A Handbook
Christopher Currie
Condition: New
£12.50   £3.99

Before the 1980s, people wishing to recreate or reconstruct a historic garden, 'back to its former glory,' relied almost solely on documentary sources, paintings and literary references. For the last twenty years it has been recognised that these are not terribly reliable sources and people have turned ...

The Off-grid Energy Handbook
Alan Bridgewater, Gill Bridgewater
Condition: New

This invaluable guide is a must for anyone who wishes to control their consumption of fossil fuels and learn about different possible sources of energy that could be adopted in the home.

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