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New Bible Dictionary
Condition: New
£40.99   £19.99

With over 2100 articles, this volume is a dictionary of Bible terms, place names, books, people and doctrines. One hundred major articles have been revised or rewritten for the third edition, and there is a revised bibliography.

Globish: How English Became World Language
Robert McCrum
Condition: New
£19.10   £5.99

The coauthor of the bestselling book and television series The Story of English discusses how Anglo-American has become the language of the world, and describes the changes that English has brought to far-away cultures in distant places.

Delict Essentials
Francis McManus
Condition: New
£75.00   £62.99

From defamation to dangerous animals, and from negligence to nuisance, this concise guide gives you the key facts that you need, whether you're a busy law student, revising for those all-important exams or looking to brush up on your knowledge.

Purposeful Sexuality: A Short Christian Introduction
Ed Shaw
Condition: New
£7.99   £3.75

A persuasive Christian vision for sexuality.

royal commission on environmental pollution, second report
Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution
Condition: Used, Very Good

301 Writing Ideas: Creative Prompts to Inspire Prose: Volume 2
Editors of Chartwell Books
Condition: New
£6.99   £3.99

Conquer that blank page staring back at you! 301 Writing Ideas is a guided journal designed to get you writing right away, so you spend less time pondering and more time expressing your true thoughts and feelings. Whether you want to journal your thoughts and feelings, improve your writing skills, or ...

Sir Walter Raleigh
Maria Wingfield Digby
Condition: New
£6.00   £3.25

Pitkin is proud to introduce the tale of one man's ascent from relatively humble origins to international legend. Walter Raleigh was a pirate, traitor, scholar, coloniser, explorer, soldier, poet, adventurer, scientist, cartographer, botanist, fashionista and Favourite of a queen. He is credited with introducing tobacco and potatoes to England.

God and the Pandemic: A Christian Reflection on the Coronavirus and its Aftermath
Tom Wright
Condition: New
£7.99   £2.99

Wise words on the coronavirus pandemic - and what we make of it when it's all over - by one of the world's most widely respected Christian writers

London Street Signs: A visual history of London's street nameplates
Alistair Hall
Condition: Used, Good
£14.99   £5.99

Graphic designer Alistair Fair explores some of the stories and artistry behind London street signs, journeying into the shaded corners of our collective history to uncover the unassuming treasures that tell us where we are and where we have come from.

How to Tune and Modify Automotive Engine Management Systems: Upgrade Your Engine to Increase Horsepower
Jeff Hartman
Condition: New
£24.99   £13.99

Understanding fuel injection and engine management systems is the key to extracting higher performance from today’s automobiles in a safe, reliable, and driveable fashion. Turbochargers, superchargers, nitrous oxide, high compression ratios, radical camshafts: all are known to make horsepower, but ...

For the Love of Books: A Celebration of the Written Word
Graham Tarrant
Condition: New
£9.99   £3.99

From banned books to feuding authors, from literary felons to rejected masterpieces, from tips for aspiring writers to stand-out book lists, this treasure trove of compelling facts, riveting anecdotes and extraordinary characters is every book-lover's dream: a book about books and the people who write them. Read all about it!

Jibber Jabber and Giffle Gaffle: A Collection of Salacious Slang and Popular Profanities Through the Ages
Elanor Clarke
Condition: New
£9.99   £3.99

Swear like a sparrow-mouthed snick fadger with the help of this illustrated dictionary of long-lost words and phrases. This crude and quirky volume contains the most amusing vocabulary from the murky Middle English of Chaucer right up to the more eloquent parlances of the early 1900s - essential for all lovers of weird and wonderful wordage!

The Ladies' Guide to True Politeness and Perfect Manners
Eliza Leslie
Condition: New
£9.99   £3.99

Bursting with witty, practical advice on the ins and outs of etiquette, from how one should dress for a formal occasion to what behaviour one should adopt while travelling abroad, this guide will help every modern woman to deport herself with confidence in all types of social and public situations.

Semicolon: How a misunderstood punctuation mark can improve your writing, enrich your reading and even change your life
Cecelia Watson
Condition: New
£10.00   £3.99

'Fascinating... I loved this book; I really did' David Crystal, Spectator

A biography of a much misunderstood punctuation mark and a call to arms in favour of clear expression and against stifling grammar rules.

Word Nerd
Michael Powell
Condition: New
£8.99   £3.99

It's time to get your nerd on.

On This Day: Facts and trivia for every day of the year
Condition: New
£7.99   £3.99

The perfect stocking filler to entertain at Christmas.
Delve into a wealth of famous events, significant sites and momentous births and deaths. Choose a day of the year and discover the fascinating array of people, places and happenings for which it is notable.

How to Restore Your Chevrolet Pickup
Tom Brownell
Condition: New
£19.99   £14.99

A new edition of one of our more popular how-to titles, incorporating an attractive design, significantly updated text, and full-color photography. This is a step-by-step restoration guide for all Chevy light-duty trucks from 1928 onwards.Updates include:- Upgrading to power steering- Pressure oiling ...

Radiocarbon Dates: From samples funded by English Heritage between 1988 and 1993
Alex Bayliss, Christopher Bronk Ramsey, Gordon Cook, Gerry McCormac, Robert Otlet, Jill Walker
Condition: New
£30.00   £16.99

This volume holds a datelist of 882 radiocarbon determinations carried out between 1988 and 1993 on behalf of the Ancient Monuments Laboratory of English Heritage. It contains supporting information about the samples and the sites producing them, a comprehensive bibliography, and two indexes for reference and analysis.

How to Rebuild and Restore Classic Harley-Davidson Big Twins 1936-1964
Rick Schunk
Condition: New
£30.00   £14.99

DIVWhen it comes to collector motorcycles, none hold the allure of the classic Harley-Davidson Big Twins built from 1936 to 1964. But owning and maintaining these tempermental machines provides endless challenges. Even the most pristine, restored example needs a tremendous amount of care, maintenance, ...

2014 Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market
Mary Burzlaff Bostic
Condition: New
£25.55   £21.99

2014 Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market is the must-have reference guide for any artist who wants to establish or expand a career in fine art, illustration or graphic design.

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