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French: How to Speak and Write it
Joseph Lemaitre
Condition: New
£9.99   £4.99

An elementary text, designed for personal or classroom use, is comprised of dialogues and accompanying exercises in grammar and pronunciation

Los amigos de Franco
Condition: New

The Babi Dispensation: The Life of the Bab (in Persian) Ahd-i A'la: Zindiganiy-i Hazrat-i Bab
Abu'l-Qasim Afnan
Condition: New

A major account of the life of the Bab, the nineteenth-century Iranian prophet, including fascinating information not available in other sources, based on a lifetime of research by the author.

Une lettre au Pere Noel (A letter for Father Christmas): Luc et Sophie French Storybook (Part 2, Unit 4)
Barbara Scanes
Condition: New

Sophie decides to write a letter to Father Christmas. Luc calls her a baby, but will he get the new football he's been dreaming of, if he hasn't written a letter himself?

A la rencontre du cinema francais: Analyse, genre, histoire
Robert J. Berg
Condition: New
£64.00   £6.99

In contrast to content-, theme-, or issue-based approaches to French film, this title stresses 'the cinema-tic-ally specific, the warp and fabric of the film itself, the stuff of which it is made'.

Wart mal schnell. Minima Temporalia.
Karlheinz A. Gei▀ler, Traute Langner-Gei▀ler
Condition: New

Un bonbon rouge (A red sweet): Luc et Sophie French Storybook (Part 1, Unit 7)
Barbara Scanes
Condition: New

Luc and his friends would like to have some of the girls' sweets. Sophie suggests playing a game. Can the boys work out which colour sweet is missing? Will the boys get some sweets? Un bonbon rouge is one of the stories in Learn French with Luc et Sophie, a story-based scheme for teaching French in primary ...

Meuser Architects: Buildings and Projects 1995-2010
Natascha Meuser, Philipp Meuser
Condition: New

This comprehensive survey provides detailed accounts of projects at home and abroad. It illustrates the architect duo's working method at the interface of theory and practice as we follow their activities from Berlin to Moscow to the Kazakh steppe and New Delhi. The attractive four-volume trade edition ...

SEO: Personal Cosmos
Michael Schultz
Condition: New

Ten years ago, the Korean artist SEO went to Berlin in search of traditional European painting. She stayed on and became the master pupil of Georg Baselitz. This book deals with her life and work.

Native American Languages
Bethanne Kelly Patrick
Condition: New

Discusses the major Native American languages, and how some of their words were incorporated into the English language.

Peter Pan Great Reads Spanish
James Matthew Barrie, Dalmatian Press
Condition: New

The great Wenchuan earthquake of 2008
A. Lin
Condition: New

El Unico Mar (The One Sea)
Pierz Hugo
Condition: New

Freude am Leben: Aufzeichnung meiner Memoiren (German Edition)
Nic Simon
Condition: New

Sally S. Magnan, William J. Berg, Laurey Martin-Berg
Condition: New
£22.95   £8.99

Paroles +Free Audio CD Student Edition (Wse)
SS Magnan
Condition: New
£54.50   £3.99

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