A la rencontre du cinema francais: Analyse, genre, histoire

A la rencontre du cinema francais: Analyse, genre, histoire

Robert J. Berg
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Author:  Robert J. Berg
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  336
Publisher:  Yale University Press
Year:  2010
ISBN:  9780300158717

A la rencontre du cinema francais: analyse, genre, histoire is intended to serve as the core textbook in a wide variety of upper-level undergraduate and graduate French cinema courses. In contrast to content-, theme-, or issue-based approaches to film, Professor Berg stresses "the cinema tic ally specific, the warp and fabric of the film itself, the stuff of which it is made." Sufficient proficiency in French is the sole prerequisite: "No previous back ground in film studies is assumed, nor is any prior acquain tance with French cinema. It will help, of course, to like movies, and to have seen quite a few..." (from the preface).
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