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Crop Plant Anatomy
Ratikanta Maiti, Pratik Satya, Dasari Rajkumar, Allam Ramaswamy
Condition: New
£130.45   £64.45

Divided into four sections covering anatomy in relation to crop management, anatomical descriptions of the major crop plants, anatomical changes in adaptation to environments and the link between anatomy and productivity, this book provides a comprehensive source of crop plant anatomy information.

Pigs for the Freezer: A Guide to Small-Scale Production
Linda McDonald-Brown
Condition: New
£16.99   £9.99

Small-scale pig keeping is expanding, not only in the countryside but also in urban areas. However, at the outset the prospect of owning pigs can be frightening for the uninitiated. This title guides the reader through the day-to-day routine of looking after pigs and provides essential information.

Aquaculture Nutrition: Gut Health, Probiotics and Prebiotics
Condition: New
£135.25   £84.99

Manipulation of the microbial gut content of farmed fishes and crustaceans can have a marked effect on their general health, growth, and quality.

Camel Meat and Meat Products
Condition: New
£102.40   £44.45

This book reviews up-to-date literature on camel meat and meat products, carcass and meat quality characteristics, muscle structure, post-mortem analysis and the nutritive value to humans. A comparatively small component of global meat consumption, camel meat has the potential to undergo an explosion of production worldwide.

Dairy Sheep Nutrition
Condition: New
£124.05   £79.99

It contains chapters on all aspects of dairy sheep nutrition and feeding, such as milk production, feed intake, nutrition and reproduction, nutrition and milk quality, and grazing and stocking rate management.

Higgledy Piggledy: The Ultimate Pig Miscellany
Richard Lutwyche
Condition: New
£14.99   £6.99

Entertaining, informative, and packed with unusual facts. Illustrated in color throughout.

Pest Control for the Smallholder
David Bezzant
Condition: New
£14.99   £8.99

Shows smallholders how to deal with the various pests that are capable of decimating crops, degrading pasture, stealing produce, contaminating animal feed and killing valuable livestock. This book provides the smallholder with the knowledge and the information about the skills to meet this challenge in an effective and humane way.

A Color Atlas of Farm Animal Dermatology
Danny W. Scott
Condition: New
£114.00   £70.99

A Color Atlas of Farm Animal Dermatology is an essential reference for veterinary dermatologists, practitioners, and students alike. Emphasizing recognition and diagnosis, the book combines over 600 color photographs with clear and concise text highlighting clinical features, differentials, and diagnostic information for each disease.

Lameness in Cattle
Chris Watson
Condition: New
£19.95   £13.99

Lameness is the third economically important disease affecting cattle. The responsibility for dealing with it can fall on everyone involved in the industry, from the stock person right through to the veterinary surgeon. This book is intended for those involved in the practical health care of cattle.

The John Deere Century
Randy Leffingwell
Condition: New
£14.99   £5.45

In The John Deere Century, acclaimed author and photographer Randy Leffingwell uses his unique brand of storytelling--alongside a wealth of photographs, both modern and vintage--to chronicle the company and the tractors that have carried the distinctive green and yellow livery for the past century. Iconic ...

Tools and Machinery for the Smallholder: An Essential Guide to Their Use and Maintenance
John Bezzant
Condition: New
£20.00   £13.99

Includes information on a wide range of tools and equipment, from compact tractors to chainsaws and from winches to torque wrenches.

Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants: v. VI
Condition: New
£50.00   £24.99

Contains reports on: male reproduction; ovarian function including follicular development and oocyte-cumulus cell function; neuroendocrinology; corpus luteum function; reproductive management; reproductive function of deer, buffalo, yaks and camelids; embryo technologies; embryo gene expression; and, fetal-maternal interactions.

Backyard Poultry Keeping
Jeremy J C Hobson
Condition: New
£10.99   £6.99

Aimed at those interested in small-scale poultry keeping and, despite having only a small amount of space at their disposal, want to raise poultry on a non-commercial basis.

Being a Vet in the 21st Century: The Job, The People, Their Future
Paul D. Stevens
Condition: New
£14.99   £5.45

It's about being a vet. Not about what vets do but about how they do it. By using real vets' Personality Traits the author asks challenging questions about the Vet Profession - ultimately revealing what it's like to be a vet in the 21st Century. If you want to know: How to be a vet; What's it like being a vet? Do the right people become vets?

ReWild: The Art of Returning to Nature
Nick Baker
Condition: New
£16.99   £8.45

ReWild is about learning how to observe, connect and discover nature for yourself. This book will show you how to reconnect with your inner beast by immersing yourself in a world where the wild things are.

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