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Central Banking for Emerging Market Economies: A relook in the context of the global financial crisis
A. Vasudevan
Condition: New

This contextual update shows that central banks continue to be relevant and essential for sound functioning of economies. Central banks require to pursue traditional functions relating to currency and payment systems and to being banker to the government and to banks as vigorously as before the crisis.

Financial Restructuring to Sustain Recovery
Condition: New

The financial crisis of 2007-08 and the Great Recession caused more widespread economic trauma than any event since the Great Depression. This title maintains that while each part of the financial services industry can play a useful role in revving up the US economic engine to full capacity.

Economic Challenges to Make South Asia Free from Poverty and Deprivation
Condition: New

A compilation of papers, presented at the South Asia Economics Students' Meet, on the theme 'Economic Challenges to Make South Asia Free from Poverty and Deprivation'. They are divided into four sections: Accelerating Rural Growth and Empowering the Rural Poor; Investing in the Social Sector; Improving the Quality of Physical Infrastructure; and Accountability, Institutions and Economic Growth.

Global Financial Contagion: Building a Resilient World Economy after the Subprime Crisis
Shalendra D. Sharma
Condition: New

This book provides an authoritative account of the economic and political roots of the 2008 financial crisis, examining why it was triggered in the United States and its lasting impact on both the American and global economies.

Banks & banking
Megan M. Gunderson
Condition: New

Economic development in Africa report 2012: structural transformation and sustainable development in Africa
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
Condition: New

This report provides concrete policy recommendations for African policy makers and their development partners on how to promote sustainable structural transformation in Africa, meaning a sustainable structural transformation that integrates the relative decoupling of natural resource use and environmental ...

Financing Patterns for Infrastructure Projects
Amareshwar Mishra, R. K. Mishra
Condition: New

This publication, a compendium of analytic information on infrastructure finance, is about up-to-date treatment of deployable tools and techniques in accessible manner, and at an appropriate level, practical applications of guidelines of Reserve Bank of India and policies of Government of India on financing ...

Rediscovering Growth: After the Crisis
Andrew Sentance
Condition: New

Western economies face huge political obstacles to reforms that would boost productivity and growth - continuing stagnation is far more likely. Businesses and policymakers need to adjust to the new reality. And the quicker they do so, the more likely it is that economic prospects will eventually improve.

Capital for the Future: Saving and Investment in an Interdependent World
The World Bank
Condition: New

The pronounced shift in the global demand for and supply of capital has led to the start of what Global Development Horizons 2012 identifies as the Third Age of Financial Globalization, during which developing countries will become highly integrated into the global financial system-similar to their degree of integration in the international trade system at the present.

The Recession is Over - Time to Grow
Keith G. Churchouse
Condition: New

The recession is over! For now is the new economic reality, especially for aspiring and mature SME's. Both exciting and possibly uncharted times lie ahead. Are you and your business really ready? The economic environment is changing, dynamic, and your business should be ready now, innovating and preparing new ideas to take full advantage.

South Africa and the World Economy - Remaking Race, State, and Region
William G. Martin
Condition: New

This volume chronicles the volatile history of the resurgence of South Africa, once an international pariah, as a respected and influential African state.

Rocky Times: New Perspectives on Financial Stability
Condition: New

Focuses largely on developments within the United States and Japan but looks at those in other nations as well. This title examines two broad areas: the Japanese approach to regulating financial institutions and promoting financial stability and the US approach in light of the Dodd-Frank Act.

Multilateral Banks and the Development Process: Vital Links in the Results Chain
Vinod Thomas, Xubei Luo
Condition: New

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. When the links in the chain represent development projects, if individual projects fail to achieve their purpose, the development program's effectiveness is compromised. When the chain's links are strong and well-connected, the results are improved for the ...

Condition: New

Contents include: Price and Financial Stability in Modern Central Banking: Foreign Entry and the Mexican Banking System, 1997-2007; and Temporal Aggregation in Political Budget Cycles.

Migrants and Their Money: Surviving Financial Exclusion
Kavita Datta
Condition: New

This original and topical book tells the untold stories of migrants' experiences of, and responses to, financial exclusion in London.

Foreign Direct Investment and Development - The New Policy Agenda for Developing Countries and Economies in Transition
Theodore Moran
Condition: New

Foreign Direct Investment and Development is an excellent textbook for courses in trade, development, and international political economy.

How the East Was Won: The Impact of Multinational Companies on the Transformation of Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union
C. Lewis
Condition: New

Despite widespread criticism of multinational companies, they have made an unparalleled contribution to the development of Eastern Europe over the last 15 years.

New Issues in Financial Institutions Management
Condition: New

This book examines new issues in financial markets and institutions raised by the global economic crisis that began in 2007. The four main themes are: management, innovation and technology in banking; efficiency and productivity; consolidation; and corporate governance issues.

An Enquiry into the Ideology and Reality of Market and Market System
J. Lepper
Condition: New


Annual Report on China's Financial Development (2012)
Condition: Used, Good

Written and edited by leading Chinese economic and finance advisers, this book offers a detailed analysis of China's financial situation in 2012. It will enable the reader to understand China's financial climate plus the likely financial trends and commercial opportunities in 2012 and beyond.

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