The Future of Brexit Britain: Anglican Reflections on National Identity and European Solidarity

The Future of Brexit Britain: Anglican Reflections on National Identity and European Solidarity

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Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  256
Publisher:  SPCK Publishing
Year:  2020
ISBN:  9780281084296

The idea of British identity has been thrown into question by the debates around the EU Referendum, but now that Brexit is here, it's time to think positively and constructively about Britain's future.

How might Britain as a multinational state understand its own defining moral and political commitments in relation to its European neighbours? And if, as many suggest, a resurgence of English nationhood has been the driving force behind Brexit, how might the Church of England, as the 'national Church', respond to this and the many other missional challenges it faces?

Those of us still wondering what to make of Brexit - including thoughtful Christians, politicians, journalists, think-tanks and religious leaders - will find much to stimulate thought and discussion here. The contributors have a wealth of specialist knowledge of Brexit and the EU; they draw on this and the legacies of Anglican - and more broadly Christian - social and political theology to offer their rich and nuanced responses to a range of crucial questions.

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