Crippled: Austerity and the Demonization of Disabled People

Crippled: Austerity and the Demonization of Disabled People

Frances Ryan
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Author:  Frances Ryan
Condition:  New
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  256
Publisher:  Verso Books
Year:  2020
ISBN:  9781788739566

In austerity Britain, disabled people have been recast as worthless scroungers. From social care to the benefits system, politicians and the media alike have made the case that Britain's 12 million disabled people are nothing but a drain on the public purse. In Crippled, journalist and campaigner Frances Ryan exposes the disturbing reality, telling the stories of those most affected by this devastating regime. It is at once both a damning indictment of a safety net so compromised it strangles many of those it catches and a passionate demand for an end to austerity, which hits hardest those most in need.
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