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Commonwealth Local Government Handbook: 2009
Commonwealth Local Government Forum
Condition: New

A New Green Order?: The World Bank and the Politics of the Global Environment Facility
Zoe Young
Condition: New
£22.99   £2.99

Discusses the democratic unaccountability of the World Bank concerning the implementation of ruinous environmental policies

Arguments Against G8
Condition: New
£19.99   £2.99

'One of the most important books in recent years. I cannot recommend it highly enough.' Robert W. McChesney

Challenges to Chinese Foreign Policy: Diplomacy, Globalization, and the Next World Power
Condition: Used, Good

Drawing from a wealth of foreign relations experts including scholars native to the region, this volume examines the unique challenges China faces as it adapts in its role as a world leader, and it analyzes how China's evolving international relationships are shaping the global landscape of the twenty-first century.

Japan's Open Future: An Agenda for Global Citizenship
John Haffner, Tomas Casas i Klett, Jean-Pierre Lehmann
Condition: New

In the fast changing modern world where does Japan fit in, and how should it relate to the United States and China? Three foreign commentators make a provocative and persuasive argument that the time has come for Japan to help build a stronger Asian community, and to become an engage and conscientious ...

The Presidential Appointee's Handbook
G. Edward DeSeve
Condition: New

With every new presidential administration, thousands of highly accomplished individuals face one of the greatest challenges of their lives: learning to become an effective presidential appointee.

New Elites: The End of Social Mobility
George Walden
Condition: New
£9.99   £2.99

Britain is dominated by an oligarchy of professional egalitarians. Their aim is not to raise popular aspirations but to exploit mass taste, mass gullibility, or mass spending power for their own advantage. The author shows their populism is in fact 'a perversion of democracy, the sickness of the age'.

Living System: Making Sense of Sustainability
Bruce Nixon
Condition: New

Who changes the world? The answer is we all do! This book, about sustainability in the broadest sense, exposes unconscious forces that drive leaders - the "beast within" us all - denial, ego and groupthink. It examines the failures of attempts to bring about change. It uncovers the part unconscious racism plays in foreign policy and globalisation.

Protecting Your Identity: A Practical Guide to Preventing Identity Theft and Its Damaging Consequences
Matthew Record
Condition: New
£8.99   £3.99

"Protecting Your Identity: A Practical Guide to Preventing Identity Theft and Its Damaging Consequences".

Big Babies Or Why Can't We Just Grow Up?
Condition: New
£12.00   £2.99

What Do Greens Believe?
Joe Smith
Condition: New
£6.99   £2.99

Greens are driven by a concern with the fate of future generations and the natural world on which we all depend. Part of the 'What Do We Believe?' series, this work summarizes the historical roots of the Green movement and some of the main intellectual building blocks of Green thinking.

Defense Policy Choices for the Bush Administration 2001-05
Michael E. O'Hanlon
Condition: New

This latest study in the Brookings series on U.S. defense strategy and the defense budget reviews current American military capabilities and offers suggestions for the new administration and Congress.

US National Defense for the Twenty-first Century: Grand Exit Strategy
Edward A. Olsen
Condition: New

This critique of Washington's current security policies, draws on the arguments made by an array of non-interventionist and conservative-nationalist scholars.

Victory for Kids
David L. Brennan, Malcolm Baroway
Condition: New

This book is the story of two amazing passages -- one of an idea, the other of a man -- and how they came together to bring about one of the most socially significant Supreme Court decisions in recent history.The first story traces the history-making Cleveland Voucher Program from its intellectual inception ...

Welfare Reform: The Next Act
Kenneth Finegold, Alan Weil
Condition: New

The welfare reform debate is not over, despite declarations of success from many politicians and commentators. Welfare Reform: The Next Act draws on six years of in-depth research to explore the implications of 1996's welfare reform . The authors examine all facets of the new system: its effects on family ...

Bushit!: How the Bush Crew is Wrecking America and Endangering the World
Jack Huberman
Condition: New
£8.99   £2.99

What's gone wrong in the land of the free? The author reveals how Iraq has been turned into a Bushite state of war profiteering and juicy oil and military contracts for Bush's buddies, the drastic reduction of civil liberties at home and of aid programs overseas, the most expensive Inauguration celebrations in US history...and much, much more.

Moore and Us: One Man's Quest for a New World Order
Jesse Larner
Condition: New
£15.99   £7.99

The author presents a balanced assessment of Moore's impact on the political and cultural life of America, from his breakthrough film Roger & Me through his most recent film, Fahrenheit 9/11. 25,000 first printing. $50,000 ad/promo.

Nations in Transit 2005: Democratization from Central Europe to Eurasia
Freedom House
Condition: New

Measures progress and setbacks in democratization in 27 countries from Central Europe to the Eurasian region of the Former Soviet Union. A report on Kosovo appears as an addendum to the Serbia and Montenegro report. This book covers events from January 1 through December 31.

A Defence Of The Constitutions Of Government Of The United States Of America

Why Do People Love America?
Louis Chunovic
Condition: New
£9.99   £2.99

An entertainment journalist offers a humorous but ultimately positive take on American pop culture, showing how film, fashion, television, fashion, advertising, and sports attract people from all over the world to American values.

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