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Physical Intelligence: How To Take Charge Of Your Weight
Tom Smith, Dr Tom Smith
Condition: New
£8.99   £1.48

This book analyses the often-complex factors that influence weight gain, from our hormonal make-up to our eating psychology. Full of evidence-based research and real-life case histories, it gives intelligent advice on what to do when confronted with the need to tackle your health, or that of your child.

Coke An Anecdotal History
Jeremy Scott, Natalia Naish
Condition: New
£14.99   £3.99

A light, entertaining and slightly irreverent romp through the history of the drug.

The Shape We're In: How Junk Food and Diets are Shortening Our Lives
Sarah Boseley
Condition: New
£12.99   £3.99

Speaking to behavioral scientists and industry experts, yo-yo dieters and people who have gone under the knife, the author builds a picture of an obesogenic society - one where we're constantly bombarded by the twin evils of big budget food marketing and the diet industry.

Coping Successfully with Acne
Sally Lewis
Condition: New

Characterised by inflammation and blemishes, acne is notoriously hard to banish, although a surprisingly complex range of treatments exists. This book gives an insight in to the causes of acne, the problems associated with the disease and the types of treatment available, both conventional and complementary.

Living With Birthmarks And Blemishes
Gordon Lamont
Condition: New

An estimated 400,000 people in the UK have some form of facial blemish, including birthmarks, burns, cancer, and scars from accidents. Such blemishes can have a large psychological impact. This book looks at the emotion and practical side of living with visible blemishes, including the range of treatments ...

Coping with Anaemia
Tom Smith
Condition: New
£8.99   £2.99

Anaemia, or lack of red blood cells, is the commonest physical abnormality in humans worldwide, and can be a symptom of a serious underlying disorder. Coping with Anaemia looks at the many reasons why people may be anaemic, including the controversial question of nutritional anaemia.

When Someone You Love Has Depression
Barbara Baker
Condition: New

Supporting a family member or friend with depression can be demanding and draining. This book looks at the sometimes forgotten population involved in depression, and emphasises that if someone in the family is suffering, it's not your fault.

Growing Old: The Last Campaign
Des Wilson
Condition: New

With a steady rise in the numbers of Oldies, so we see more books about their lives - and the 'problems' those numbers could create. Growing Old: The Last Campaign differs from most. As former campaigner-politician-journalist Des Wilson makes clear, this is not an academic or philosophic tome - he ...

Back Pain
Paula Coates
Condition: New

There is no reason why low back pain should stop you living a full and active life. Help yourself to Health will show you how to include a simple fitness programme into your life, whilst considering the specific challenges you face with acute and chronic back pain.

Body piercing and tattooing
Robert Z. Cohen
Condition: New

This book explains that physical modification to your body requires serious thought and that it is necessary to learn about tattoos and piercings before you jump into the world of body art.

Living with Hepatitis C
Jenny Heathcote, Colina Yim, Quynh Thai, Averell Sherker
Condition: New

A guide for those diagnosed with Hepatitis C, and their families.

Cool Body Basics
Alex Kuskowski
Condition: New

Start building healthy habits early! This title gives kids a chance to practice wholesome living through eating, cleaning, science experiments, and crafts. Cool Body Basics introduces a cool new way for kids to take care of their body. They'll love the he

Family Child Care Basics
Jennifer Karnopp
Condition: New

Beginning a new business venture can be a daunting task, and setting up an in-home child care program can be especially challenging. After the licenses have been applied for and acquired, what comes next? Now an expert on the subject provides advice, tips, information, and activities for setting up a ...

Nutrition and Motor Skills
Deborah Kayton Michals
Condition: New

Movement-inspiring activities reinforce good nutrition, health and motor skills! Young children learn best when they connect physical activity with learning! Up, Down, Move Around is packed with fun, simple activities that will have your children jumping, shaking, rolling, dancing, and clapping as they ...

The Cookie Book: Celebrating the Art, Power and Mystery of Woman's Sweetest Spot
Maritza Breitenbach
Condition: New

This self-empowering, artistically beautiful and historically rich exploration of the vagina is the perfect gift for women of all ages. Buy this book for your best girlfriend, daughter or both, and help them dispel the myths behind their own hidden treasures.

Happy-People-Pills For All
Mark Walker
Condition: New

Happy-People-Pills for All explores current theories of happiness while demonstrating the need to develop advanced pharmacological agents for the enhancement of our capacity for happiness and wellbeing.

Hay Fever: How To Beat It
Paul Carson
Condition: New

The numbers of those with hay fever have risen by around 25% in recent years. This dramatic rise is thought to be due to lifestyle factors and environmental pollution, and is in line with the rising prevalence of allergies in general. This book looks at remedies both orthodox and less orthodox.

The Holistic Health Handbook: A Scientific Approach
Mark Greener
Condition: New
£9.99   £2.99

This book explores the ethos that underpins the Sheldon list - how self-help works, particularly in the realm of chronic conditions. It examines the evidence supporting complementary therapies and how to use them safely. The book deals with these topics by focusing only on evidence in the scientific and medical literature.

The Case Of The Unwanted Pounds A Weightloss Fitness Mystery
Fred A., M.D. Stutman
Condition: New

Topic of Cancer: Riding the Waves of the Big C
Meg Stafford
Condition: New

Meg Stafford adds her voice to the beautiful chorus of people who have been treated for breast cancer.TOPIC OF CANCER: RIDING THE WAVES OF THE BIG Cis not about merely surviving, but about the living that happens during treatment. What sets this work apart is the joie de vivre that infuses and informs ...

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