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Them and Us: How immigrants and locals can thrive together
Philippe Legrain
Condition: New
£20.00   £6.99

Immigration is good for society and here's the data that proves it.

Faith and Fashion in Turkey: Consumption, Politics and Islamic Identities
Nazli Alimen
Condition: New
£90.00   £8.99

Turkey has witnessed remarkable sociocultural change under the regime of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AKP), particularly regarding its religious communities. As individuals with pious identities have increasingly gained access to state power and accumulated economic influence, ...

The Muslim Brothers in Pursuit of Legitimacy: Power and Political Islam in Egypt Under Mubarak
Hesham Al-Awadi
Condition: New
£120.00   £49.99

Hesham Al-Awadi argues that the growing impact of the Muslim Brotherhood on Egyptian politics and society is part of the movement's struggle to gain official legitimacy since its ban in 1954. The movement's remarkable presence in syndicates, student unions, investment companies and parliament was the ...

Introducing Feminism: A Graphic Guide
Cathia Jenainati
Condition: New
£8.99   £3.99

The term 'feminism' came into English usage around the 1890s, but women's conscious struggle to resist discrimination and sexist oppression goes much further back. This work surveys the major developments that have affected women's lives from the 17th century to the present day.

Too Hot to Touch: The Problem of High-Level Nuclear Waste
William M. Alley, Rosemarie Alley
Condition: New

Provides an engaging and authoritative account of the controversies and possibilities surrounding nuclear waste disposal in the US, with reference to other countries' approaches. Written in down-to-earth language, by an expert with key involvement in the Yucca Mountain project, this timely book will inform and stimulate discussion of nuclear issues.

Positive Images: Gay Men and HIV/AIDS in the Culture of 'Post Crisis'
Dion Kagan
Condition: New
£90.00   £9.99

First book to explore legacy of HIV/AIDS in popular culture

Al-Qaeda: From Global Network to Local Franchise
Doctor Christina Hellmich
Condition: New
£17.99   £4.99

An essential guide to one of the most notorious but little-understood organizations of our time.

The Iraqi Refugees: The New Crisis in the Middle East
Joseph Sassoon
Condition: New
£110.00   £8.99

Explores the underlying trends of Iraq's refugee flow: which class, ethnic and sectarian groups are going where and how. This book examines the economic impact of this exodus on Iraq itself, and on the host countries of the region: Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. It also analyzes international policy on the refugee issue.

The Ruling Asses: A Little Book of Political Stupidity
Stephen Robins
Condition: New
£9.99   £2.99

What better antidote to post-Iraq weariness than a book of political nonsense - words direct from leaders' mouths. How better to reinforce apathy (and antipathy) than a read through politicians' inanities.

Iran's Influence: A Religious-Political State and Society in its Region
Elaheh Rostami-Povey
Condition: New
£24.99   £14.99

Offers an analysis of the role that Iran plays in regional and global politics. This book provides a perspective on one of the Middle East's most controversial and mis-understood countries. It presents not only an introduction to the country, but also the ideas to help the reader understand the Middle East.

The Political Economy of Conflict and Violence against Women: Cases from the South
Condition: New
£22.99   £6.99

A radical new collection addressing violence against women in conflict zones across the global South.

Workers and Labour in a Globalised Capitalism: Contemporary Themes and Theoretical Issues
Maurizio Atzeni
Condition: New
£43.99   £7.99

An introduction to work and society for undergraduate and postgraduate students. This new text brings together international experts on work and employment from a range of disciplines to debate key themes and issues related to work in a globalised economy.

Re-Imagine: India-UK Cultural Relations in the 21st Century
Condition: New
£25.99   £8.99

Two hundred years of shared history had a period of recess, neither country investing actively in building a contemporary relationship. The result: India does not know contemporary Britain and Britain has little idea of how the new India is emerging. The past offers a strong platform for rebuilding a ...

Face to Face with Political Islam
Francois Burgat
Condition: New
£23.99   £6.99

A text which argues that political Islam's desire to restore a culture distorted by colonization does not necessarily compromise its progress to more democracy and greater tolerance. Among the issues addressed are the relationship between Islam and modernity, Islamism and women, and violence.

English Uprising: Brexit and the Mainstreaming of the Far-Right
Paul Stocker
Condition: New
£14.99   £5.99

In this timely and important book, Paul Stocker examines how ideas of the far right - always a fringe movement in Britain - have become part of the cultural and political mainstream after Brexit. He explores the noxious right-wing press and how it it pushing far-right values, and how these issues are ...

Black British Lives Matter: A Clarion Call for Equality
Lenny Henry, Marcus Ryder
Condition: New
£16.99   £4.99

This is more than a book - it's an incitement to change people's perceptions.

Truth to Power: (Gift Edition) 7 Ways to Call Time on B.S.
Jess Phillips
Condition: New
£9.99   £2.49

Fearless Labour MP Jess Phillips inspires us to speak out against injustices.

Fallout: A Journey Through the Nuclear Age, From the Atom Bomb to Radioactive Waste
Fred Pearce
Condition: New
£14.99   £3.99

At a moment when a new generation of power stations and weapons are being developed, Fallout is a measured and fascinating exploration of our most misunderstood energy source and asks: what can we learn from our past mistakes, and what role should nuclear play in our future?

Hiroshima. Bikini Atoll. ...

Protest, Social Movements, and Global Democracy since 2011: New Perspectives
Condition: New
£110.99   £40.99

This volume engages with new theoretical and methodological perspectives and illuminates novel aspects of transnational social movement dynamics, such as the evolving role of information technology, deterritorialisation and government counter-responses.

After the Act: Access to Family Justice after LASPO
Mavis Maclean, Professor John Eekelaar
Condition: New
£65.00   £8.99

After the Act describes the aftermath of the recent removal under LASPO of public funding from legal services in family matters other than in defined cases such as child protection and domestic abuse. Through analysis of the policy context, interviews with key players, observation of services provided ...

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