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The Chaldeans: Politics and Identity in Iraq and the American Diaspora
Yasmeen Hanoosh
Condition: New
£100.00   £8.99

Modern Chaldeans are an Aramaic speaking Catholic Syriac community from northern Iraq, not to be confused with the ancient Mesopotamian civilization of the same name. First identified as 'Chaldean' by the Catholic Church in the sixteenth century, this misnomer persisted, developing into a distinctive ...

Political Economy and Sociolinguistics: Neoliberalism, Inequality and Social Class
David Block
Condition: New
£28.99   £7.99

Explores how political economy intersects with sociolinguistics, specifically how neoliberalism, inequality and social class mediate language in society issues. This book concludes that such research generally contains little in the way of thorough and in-depth coverage of the key ideas and conceptual frameworks said to undergird it.

The Triangular Constitution: Constitutional Pluralism in Ireland, the EU and the ECHR
Dr Tom Flynn
Condition: New
£85.00   £8.99

This book offers a new account of modern European constitutionalism. It uses the Irish constitutional order to demonstrate that, right across the European Union, the national constitution can no longer be understood on its own, in isolation from the EU legal order or from the European Convention on Human ...

Animals and the Environment in Turkish Culture: Ecocriticism and Transnational Literature
Prof. Kim Fortuny
Condition: New
£100.00   £8.99

Landscape and animals have been fundamental elements of Turkish culture from the Ottomans to the present day. This book examines representations of and attitudes toward land and animals in selected Turkish literary texts and cultural contexts. Informed by global debates in ecocriticism, ecopoetics and ...

Communication Studies
Sky Marsen
Condition: New
£28.99   £7.99

This book is innovative and diverse in bringing together the main sub-topics of communication studies - text analysis, business communication, mass communication, the media industry and film. Drawing from popular culture examples, the book explains the concepts that guide the study of communication in all its forms.

Human Rights in the UK and the Influence of Foreign Jurisprudence
Dr Helene Tyrrell
Condition: New
£85.00   £9.99

Longlisted for the 2022 Inner Temple Main Book Prize

Human Rights in the UK and the Influence of Foreign Jurisprudence represents the first major empirical study of the use of foreign jurisprudence at the UK Supreme Court. This book focuses on the patterns of use and non use of rulings from foreign ...

Halliday in the 21st Century: Volume 11
M.A.K. Halliday
Condition: New
£28.99   £8.99

This is the eleventh volume in Professor M.A.K. Halliday's Collected Works. Taken together, they have shown the sizeable international interest across a number of disciplines in the systemic functional linguistics framework. It is applicable to all aspects of the study of language especially meaning ...

Reforming Civil Procedure: The Hardest Path
Dominic De Saulles
Condition: New
£70.00   £49.99

Drawing on political, social and economic theory, Reforming Civil Procedure focuses on the English civil justice system by looking at its history and its processes. The book considers the objectives of civil procedure and how it operates for and against particular societal groups, and what ideas and ...

Introducing Cultural and Media Studies: A Semiotic Approach
Tony Thwaites, Lloyd Davis, Warwick Mules
Condition: New
£34.99   £7.99

It adopts a practical and versatile approach to cultural analysis, beginning not with an abstract body of theory but with a number of examples of social sign use which are examined critically using basic semiotic terms and concepts to build up the reader's analytic vocabulary in a practical way.

The Ownership of Goods and Chattels
Stephen Hackett
Condition: New
£50.00   £8.99

This book, for the first time, sets out in comprehensive and accessible fashion the law on acquiring, surrendering and transferring ownership rights in goods and chattels. These are issues that have the potential to present themselves in contentious and non-contentious matters of various kinds, for example ...

Understanding Media Semiotics
Professor Marcel Danesi
Condition: New
£31.99   £7.99

Media semiotics is a valuable method of focusing on the hidden meanings within media texts. This new edition brings Understanding Media Semiotics fully up to date and is written for students of the media, of linguistics and those interested in studying the ever-changing media in more detail.

Offering ...

Free Hands and Minds: Pioneering Australian Legal Scholars
Dr Susan Bartie
Condition: New
£85.00   £19.95

Peter Brett (1918-1975), Alice Erh-Soon Tay (1934-2004) and Geoffrey Sawer (1910-1996) are key, yet largely overlooked, members of Australia's first community of legal scholars. This book is a critical study of how their ideas and endeavours contributed to Australia's discipline of law and the first ...

The University under Pressure
Condition: New
£114.99   £49.99

Universities are under pressure. Their resource environment is evolving, demands for accountability have increased and demographic shifts are changing higher educational needs. This volume provides a cross-national picture of how the university as an organization is reacting to, adapting to, and threatened by a period of intense pressure.

Human Rights Essentials
Valerie Finch, John McGroarty
Condition: New
£19.99   £11.45

Readings in Post-Compulsory Education
Yvonne Hillier, Anne Thompson
Condition: New

Contains 12 readings on major issues affecting the post-compulsory education sector such as managing improvement and retention rates.

Tax Authority Advice and the Public
Dr Stephen Daly
Condition: New
£93.00   £8.99

There is now almost universal acceptance that tax law is overly complex and indeterminate; and yet, there has to date been no comprehensive assessment of the role of the tax authority in the current arrangement. If the legislation and case law offer few immediate answers to the taxpayer, then the role ...

World Englishes: Volume III: Central America
Condition: New
£28.99   £7.99

World Englishes presents a comprehensive, detailed survey of English as it is spoken all over the world. The volumes are organised into four groups, covering Britain, Europe, America, Africa and Asia, and celebrate English in all its diversity. Volume III covers Central America. The chapters contain ...

Words and the First World War: Language, Memory, Vocabulary
Julian Walker
Condition: New
£18.99   £6.99

"An illustrated analytical study, Words and the First World War considers the situation at home, at war, and under categories such as race, gender and class to give a many-sided picture of language used during the conflict." The Spectator

First World War expert Julian Walker looks at how the conflict ...

The Bloomsbury Companion to M. A. K. Halliday
Condition: New
£36.99   £9.99

Michael Alexander Kirkwood Halliday (1925-2018) was an iconic figure in the field of linguistics and the pioneer responsible for the development of systemic functional linguistics (SFL). The impact of his work extends beyond linguistics, into the study of stylistics, computation linguistics, visual narrative ...

Urban Muslim Migrants in Istanbul: Identity and Trauma Among Balkan Immigrants
Frances Trix
Condition: New
£120.00   £7.99

Since the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878, approximately two-and-a-half million Muslims living in the Balkans have been forced from their homes.

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