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Forensic Psychology: Routes through the system
James McGuire, Simon Duff
Condition: New
£43.99   £14.99

This brand new textbook provides a complete course in forensic psychology, covering the criminal justice system, law and legislation, and treatments and outcomes for offenders. It offers rigorous coverage of the major topics: from theoretical concepts and research methods to explaining criminal acts ...

Media Movements: Civil Society and Media Policy Reform in Latin America
Maria Soledad Segura, Silvio Waisbord
Condition: New
£22.99   £5.99

Examines how social movements across Latin America have adopted different strategies to changing media policy and reform.

Essays on Literature & Politics 1932-1972
Philip Rahv
Condition: New

Here, for the first time, is a comprehensive anthology of Philip Rahv's writing on both literature and politics . Most of this material has never appeared in book form.

Gilberto Freyre: Social Theory in the Tropics
Peter Burke, Maria Lucia G. Pallares-Burke
Condition: New
£49.99   £6.99

Gilberto Freyre was arguably the most famous intellectual of twentieth-century Latin America. He was active as a sociologist, a historian, a journalist, a deputy in the Brazilian Assembly, a novelist, poet and artist. He was a cultural critic, with a good deal to say about architecture, past and present, ...

Europeanising Spaces in Paris
Hugh McDonnell
Condition: New
£85.00   £19.99

Europeanising Spaces in Paris, c. 1947-1962 examines the myriad urban, political and cultural forms in which ideas of Europe, and of what it meant to be European, were represented in Paris in the post-war era.

Excavating the Future: Archaeology and Geopolitics in Contemporary North American Science Fiction Film and Television
Shawn Malley
Condition: New
£24.99   £19.99

A cultural study of an array of popular North American science fiction film and television texts, Excavating the Future explores the popular archaeological imagination and the political uses to which it is being employed by the U.S. state and its adversaries.

Postcolonial Eyes: Intercontinental Travel in Francophone African Literature
Aedin Ni Loingsigh
Condition: New
£85.00   £9.95

Over the past two decades interest in travel has developed significantly. As well as exploring the reasons for Africans' exclusion from the genre, the book examines the important relationship between ethnicity and travel and identifies the concerns and preoccupations that define African writers' approaches to travel.

Translating New York: The City's Languages in Iberian Literatures
Regina Galasso
Condition: New
£80.00   £14.99

The cultural production of Spanish-speaking New York is closely linked to the Caribbean and to Latin America at large, but the city also plays a pivotal role in the work of a host of authors from the Iberian Peninsula, writing in Spanish, Catalan, and English. In many cases, their New York City texts ...

Walter Greenwood's 'Love on the Dole': Novel, Play, Film
Chris Hopkins
Condition: New
£90.00   £19.99

This book gives the fullest account so far of the origins, success and public impact of Walter Greenwood's Love on the Dole in all three of its versions: novel (1933), play (1935) and film (1941).

Poststructuralism and Postcoloniality: The Anxiety of Theory
Jane Hiddleston
Condition: New
£80.00   £39.99

This book explores the relation between poststructuralist thought and postcoloniality, and identifies in that interaction the expression of a particular anxiety concerning the form of theoretical writing.

Deferred Dreams, Defiant Struggles: Critical Perspectives on Blackness, Belonging, and Civil Rights
Condition: New

This volume sheds light on how to construe the contemporary political vicissitudes of the Black experience and the ongoing struggle for agency, belonging, and civil rights. It offers a fresh look at familiar concepts such as activism and belonging and models innovative approaches for studying the African diasporic experience in the 21st century.

Alif 37: Literature and Journalism
Condition: New
£40.00   £6.99

The articles in Alif 37 analyze the literary in relation to an array of journalistic genres and forums, including the interview, investigative journalism, the questionnaire, the blogosphere, creative non-fiction and reportage, literary websites, cultural periodicals, the autobiographical essay, and writers' ...

Contesting Views: The Visual Economy of France and Algeria
Edward Welch, Joseph McGonagle
Condition: New

This study investigates how relations between France and Algeria have been represented and contested through visual means since the outbreak of the Algerian War in 1954.

The European Metropolis: Paris and Nineteenth-Century Irish Women Novelists
Matthew Reznicek
Condition: New

Building on the long-standing image of Paris as the "Capital of the Nineteenth Century" and the "Capital of Modernity," this book examines the city's place in the imagination of Irish women writers in the long nineteenth century. By reasserting the centrality of Paris, this book drawsconnections between ...

A Post-Neoliberal Era in Latin America?: Revisiting cultural paradigms
Condition: New

This book explores neoliberalism in contemporary Latin America as a set of interrelated cultural forms, offering a transnational and comparative perspective on the ways in which neoliberalism has transformed public discourses of self and social relationships, popular cultures and modes of everyday experience.

Work, Labour and Cleaning: The Social Contexts of Outsourcing Housework
Lotika Singha
Condition: New

Outsourcing of domestic work in the UK has been steadily rising since the 1970s, but little research has considered White British women. This book argues that outsourced domestic cleaning can either be done as mental and manual skilled work or as manual and 'natural' emotional/affective labour, depending on the work conditions.

Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera: The Reality and Myth of a Spanish Fascist Leader
Joan Maria Thomas
Condition: New

In this long-awaited translation, Joan Maria Thomas cuts through the mythos surrounding Primo de Rivera's life to give a measured, exhaustively researched study of his personality, beliefs, and political activity.

Planning Labour: Time and the Foundations of Industrial Socialism in Romania
Alina-Sandra Cucu
Condition: New

Planning Labour explores the early socialist industrialization and the implementation of central economic planning in Romania between 1945 and 1955. Centered on the city of Cluj, an ethnically mixed city in the northwestern part of Romania, this volume examines the deeply contradictory process required for achieving socialist accumulation.

Playing the Marginality Game: Identity Politics in West Africa
Anita Schroven
Condition: New

In Guinea, situated in the background of central government struggles, rural elites, through the use of identity politics, employ history and contemporary political reforms to maintain their privileges and perpetuate a generation-old local social contract that bridges ethnic and religious divides.

Dynamics of Cultural Counterpoint in Asian Studies, The
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