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Playing with Languages: Children and Change in a Caribbean Village
Amy L. Paugh
Condition: New
£75.00   £8.99

Over several generations, villagers of Dominica have been shifting from Patwa, an Afro-French creole, to English, the official language. Despite government efforts at Patwa revitalization and cultural heritage tourism, rural caregivers and teachers prohibit children from speaking Patwa in their presence.

Urban Residence: Housing and Social Transformations in Globalizing Ecuador
Christien Klaufus
Condition: New
£75.00   £6.95

Riobamba and Cuenca,two intermediate cities in Ecuador, have become part of global networks through transnational migration, incoming remittances, tourism, and global economic connections. Their landscape is changing in several significant ways, a reflection of the social and urban transformations occurring in contemporary Ecuadorian society.

The Chaplin Machine: Slapstick, Fordism and the Communist Avant-Garde
Owen Hatherley
Condition: New
£17.99   £4.99

The tragic-comedic story of the cinema, art and architecture of the early 20th Century, highlighting the unlikely intersections of East and West

Culture and Power: A History of Cultural Studies
Mark Gibson
Condition: New
£16.99   £2.69

Focuses on power to shape a history of Cultural Studies. An analysis of the nature and purpose of Cultural Studies, this book assesses the development of the discipline from the work of Michel Foucault in post-war France and the Birmingham Centre for Cultural Studies in the 1970s to the expansion of the field in the United States.

Cognitive Explorations of Translation
Condition: New
£24.99   £7.99

Uses technologies to analyze the thoughts and cognitive processes behind the translation process. This title focuses on the topic of investigating translation processes from a cognitive perspective. It is suitable for the researchers and postgraduates in translation studies and cognitive linguistics as well as practicing translators.

Girlhood and the Politics of Place
Condition: New

Examining context-specific conditions in which girls live, learn, work, play, and organize deepens the understanding of place-making practices of girls and young women worldwide. This book offers a comprehensive reading on how girlhood scholars construct and deploy research frameworks that directly engage girls in the research process.

A Theory of Grocery Shopping: Food, Choice and Conflict
Dr. Shelley Koch
Condition: New
£21.99   £4.99

Tackling a neglected part of the story of how food reaches our tables, A Theory of Grocery Shopping links the lived experience of shoppers and retail managers with information from nutritionists, governments, journalists and marketers to provide new insights into the contradictory messages shaping the way we shop for food.

Prioritizing Integration: The Transatlantic Council on Migration
Bertelsmann Stiftung
Condition: New

The global recession is having a major impact on immigrant integration. With cuts in public budgets and a rise in anti-immigrant sentiment on both sides of the Atlantic, many governments have made short-term decisions responding to the economic crisis that will have longterm implications for immigrants and the broader society.

Changing Identifications and Alliances in North-east Africa: Volume II: Sudan, Uganda, and the Ethiopia-Sudan Borderlands
Condition: New

Forms of group identity play a prominent role in everyday lives and politics in north-east Africa. These volumes provide an interdisciplinary account of the nature and significance of ethnic, religious, and national identity in north-east Africa. Case studies from Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Kenya illustrate the way that identities are formed...

The Cultural Politics of Reproduction: Migration, Health and Family Making
Condition: New

Charting the experiences of migrant communities, the volume examines the relationship between movement, reproduction, & health. Informed by research in Europe, Britain, South & East Asia, Canada & Northern America, the chapters examine how healthcare experiences of migrants are embedded in their own worldviews & influenced by wider state systems.

Postmodernism, Traditional Cultural Forms, and African American Narratives
W. Lawrence Hogue
Condition: New

Examines how six writers reconfigure African American subjectivity in ways that recall postmodernist theory. This book explores how African American social and political movements, African American studies, independent scholars, and traditional cultural forms revisit and challenge the representation ...

Getty Research Journal: No.6
Thomas Gaehtgens
Condition: New

An annual publication that showcases work by scholars and staff associated with the Getty Research Institute and the other programs of the prestigious J Paul Getty Trust. It features essays on Florentine painter Carlo Dolci; 19th-century French academic artist Elie-Honore Montagny; and, an early photographic album of Tehran.

Civil Society in the Age of Monitory Democracy
Condition: New

Since the emergence of the dissident "parallel polis" in Eastern Europe, civil society has become a "new superpower," influencing democratic transformations, human rights, and international co-operation; co-designing economic trends, security and defense; reshaping the information society; and generating new ideas on the environment, health...

Embarkations: Ethnography and Shamanism of the Choco Indians of Columbia
Donald Taylor
Condition: New
£14.95   £4.95

The Legacy of Pierre Bourdieu: Critical Essays
Condition: New

These critical essays bring together prominent scholars in the social sciences to consider the diverse nature of the legacy of Pierre Bourdieu in contemporary social theory. In offering a range of perspectives on the continuing relevance of Bourdieu’s sociology, the essays of this volume examine Bourdieu’s ...

Speaking Hatefully: Culture, Communication, and Political Action in Hungary
David Boromisza-Habashi
Condition: New

An empirical study of hate speech in Hungary, examining the cultural foundations of public communication and how cultural thinking can be used to inform political action through public expression.

Telling Tales: Work, Narrative and Identity in a Market Age
Angela Lait
Condition: New

Broad ranging, interdisciplinary, this book seeks to understand the corporate conceptions of identity and work, and how they are reflected in our wider culture - through novels, cookery writing, autobiography and the many constructions of narrative.

Cars: Analysis, History, Cases
Karel Williams, John Williams, Colin Haslam
Condition: New
£75.00   £4.99

Through developing an original analytical framework that, for the first time, systematically relates productive, market and financial variables, the authors are able to rewrite the history of the car business since Henry Ford.

Charles Brockden Brown
Jeffrey Weinstock
Condition: New

This study of the works of late eighteenth-century American Gothic author Charles Brockden Brown argues that Brown was a seminal figure in the development of four forms of Gothic fiction: the Frontier Gothic, the Urban Gothic, the Psychological Gothic, and the Female Gothic.

Curating the European University: Exposition and Public Debate
Condition: New

The university is an institution that goes back to the Middle Ages. As universitas magistrorum et scholarium, the university was a community of scholars and students gathered around books and preoccupied with study and the search for truth. What is the role of the university today? The meanings of teaching, ...

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