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Contact and Ideology in a Multilingual Community: Yiddish and Hebrew Among the Ultra-Orthodox
Dalit Assouline
Condition: New

This series offers a wide forum for work on contact linguistics, adopting an integrated approach to diachronic and synchronic manifestations of contact, ranging from social and individual aspects to structural-typological issues. Topics covered by the series include psycholinguistic and acquisition-oriented ...

Archaeological Survey and the City
Condition: New
£36.00   £6.99

In the past 30 years archaeological field survey has become central to the practise of Classical Archaeology. During this time, approaches have developed from the systematic collection of artefacts to include the routine deployment of various geophysical and remote sensing techniques.

Cultural Topographies of the New Berlin
Condition: New

Transformed by the Wall's opening in 1989 and the concomitant shift in global relations of power, Berlin continues to shape historical and contemporary images of Germanness. This interdisciplinary anthology explores Berlin's unique cultural topographies in literature, film, architecture, urban planning, and city marketing.

Structural Health Monitoring For Advanced Composite Structures
Condition: New

Structural health monitoring (SHM) is a relatively new and alternative way of non-destructive inspection (NDI). It is the process of implementing a damage detection and characterization strategy for composite structures. The basis of SHM is the application of permanent fixed sensors on a structure, combined ...

Contagion and Enclaves: Tropical Medicine in Colonial India
Nandini Bhattacharya
Condition: New
£75.00   £29.99

Contagion and Enclaves studies the social history of medicine within two intersecting enclaves in colonial India; the hill station of Darjeeling which incorporated the sanitarian and racial norms of the British Raj; and in the adjacent tea plantations of North Bengal, which produced tea for the global market.

Homicide in pre-Famine and Famine Ireland
Richard McMahon
Condition: New

The book provides a quantitative and contextual analysis of homicide in pre-Famine and Famine Ireland, placing the Irish experience within a comparative framework and drawing wider inferences about the history of interpersonal violence in Europe and beyond.

Social Science Research in India: Status, Issues, and Policies
Condition: New

Social science research has a vital role in enriching societies, by generating scientific knowledge that brings insights-even enlightenment-in understanding the dynamics of human behaviour and development. For social sciences to realize their potential in shaping public policy, it is imperative that ...

Growing Up in Central Australia: New Anthropological Studies of Aboriginal Childhood and Adolescence
Condition: New
£75.00   £19.99

Surprisingly little research has been carried out about how Australian Aboriginal children and teenagers experience life, shape their social world, and imagine the future. This volume presents recent and original studies of life experiences outside the institutional settings of childcare and education...

Holistic Anthropology: Emergence and Convergence
Condition: New

Given the broad reach of anthropology as the science of humankind, there are times when the subject fragments into specialisms and times when there is rapprochement. Rather than just seeing them as reactions to each other, it is perhaps better to say that both tendencies co-exist and that it is very much a matter of perspective...

Landscapes of Relations and Belonging: Body, Place and Politics in Wogeo, Papua New Guinea
Astrid Anderson
Condition: New
£85.00   £8.99

Wogeo Island is well known to anthropologists of Papua New Guinea. Based on substantial fieldwork, the author builds on and expands previous research by showing how Wogeos establish and maintain social relationships and identities connected to place and movement in the physical landscape.

Strangers Either Way: The Lives of Croatian Refugees in their New Home
Jasna Capo Zmegac
Condition: New
£18.50   £5.99

Croatia gained the world's attention during the break-up of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s. In this context its image has been overshadowed by visions of ethnic conflict and cleansing, war crimes, virulent nationalism, and occasionally even emergent regionalism. Instead of the norm, this book offers a diverse insight into Croatia in the 1990s...

About the Hearth: Perspectives on the Home, Hearth and Household in the Circumpolar North
Condition: New

The circumpolar Arctic is at the center of multiple controversies as international competition over resources threatens the places that many people call home. This collection takes the home and the hearth as a central site revealing the ways in which history, cosmology, demography, colonialism, and architecture are intertwined.

Modalities of Change: The Interface of Tradition and Modernity in East Asia
Condition: New
£85.00   £12.99

This book explores the interface between modernity and tradition in selected societies in Taiwan, mainland China and Vietnam. The chapters question to what extent traditions are themselves exploiting modernity in creative ways, in the interests of their own further developments.

Central America in the New Millennium: Living Transition and Reimagining Democracy
Condition: New
£75.00   £14.99

Most non-Central Americans think of the narrow neck between Mexico and Colombia in terms of dramatic past revolutions and lauded peace agreements, or, sensational problems of gang violence and natural disasters. In this volume, the contributors examine regional circumstances within frames of democratization and neoliberalism...

Wind Over Water: Migration in an East Asian Context
Condition: New
£75.00   £4.99

This volume illuminates the ways in which an Asia-based analysis of migration can yield new data on global migration patterns, new theoretical insights for a broader understanding of global migration, and new methodological approaches to the spatial and temporal complexity of human migration.

Documenting Transnational Migration: Jordanian Men Working and Studying in Europe, Asia and North America
Richard T. Antoun
Condition: New

Most studies on transnational migration either stress assimilation, circulatory migration, or the negative impact of migration. This remarkable study, which covers migrants from one Jordanian village to 17 different countries in Europe, Asia, and North America, emphasizes the resiliency of transnational ...

Melanesian Odysseys: Negotiating the Self, Narrative, and Modernity
Lisette Josephides
Condition: New

In a series of epic self-narratives ranging from traditional cultural embodiments to picaresque adventures, Christian epiphanies and a host of interactive strategies and techniques for living, Kewa Highlanders (PNG) attempt to shape and control their selves and their relentlessly changing world.

Race, Color, Identity: Rethinking Discourses about 'Jews' in the Twenty-First Century
Condition: New

Advances in genetics are renewing controversies over inherited characteristics, and the discourse around science and technological innovations has taken on racial overtones, such as attributing inherited physiological traits to certain ethnic groups or using DNA testing to determine biological links with ethnic ancestry.

Ogata-Mura: Sowing Dissent and Reclaiming Identity in a Japanese Farming Village
Donald C. Wood
Condition: New
£75.00   £8.99

Based on 17 years of research, this book explores the process of Ogata-mura's development from the planning stages to the present. An intensive ethnographic study of the relationship between land reclamation, agriculture, and politics in regional Japan, it traces the internal social effects of the village's economic transformations...

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